My New iPad Workstation

Well, it’s no secret: I love my iPad! But when it comes to typing longer documents, the on-screen keyboard just won’t work for me (I touch type, if I forgot to mention). I looked at various keyboard solutions for the iPad, but most of them add too much weight and are too clumsy in my oppinion. Basically, I don’t want to carry the keyboard with me all the time, only when I need it. And when I need it, I want a real fullsize keyboard that enables me to just type away. The solution: Use an Apple Bluetooth keyboard. Problem: a) How to securely transport the thing and b) How to attach the iPad at a nice viewing angle. This is where the Incase Origami iPad Workstation enters the game.

Since I already had the keyboard, I just needed to purchase the sleeve for a reasonable € 29,-. There are a lot of detailed reviews on the internet so I can keep myself short.

But the first impression is … NICE! The keyboard snaps securely into its place, the folded cover forms a nice stand for the iPad at a perfect viewing angle, and the iPad fits in even with its protective cover on (in other words, you can still use the iPad as it was intended to) in landscape or portrait orientation. It’s light and looks quite durable.

Bottom line: Strong buy from my perspective!

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