Avoid Those Sticky Checklist Pages

Some of you might know the problem: When you use photocopied or laser printed checklist pages with plastic covers that contain a lot of softener, after a while the letters „rub off“ and ruin the plastic covers. This is especially true when using the US military 8×5“ checklist covers.After some thinking I came up with a solution. Someone at FlyBoys.com told me, that leaving the copies in the sun to let them cure might help. Well, that‘s an approach for people with a lot of time on their hands, but what‘s with the rest of us?

All you need is (1) your photocopies or laser prints, (2) an iron and ironing board, and (3) some no stick oven paper (the type you use to keep your oven clean and that prevents your deep frozen pizza to stick to the baking tray). Switch the iron to maximum heat, cover the print with the baking paper (that way you don‘t have the toner sticking to your iron) and iron the paper for a minute or so.

Done. Although I am not finished with long term tests the results look promising so far.

If you have any further ideas on that topic, please share them with me and the rest of our community.

Happy flying – JU

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