Dream. Build. Fly.

I just found this incredible site of two guys, Brady Lane and Caleb Ihrig, who build their own Bearhawk experimental aircraft and document everything along their way in a video podcast. You’ll find them at dreambuildfly.com and if you are an aviation enthusiast like me you really HAVE to see their stuff. 

Entertaining, educating, motivating … it definitely takes some of the fear away to start your own project. Anybody wants to join me? Give me a buzz … seriously!

It also reminds me why I am an EAA member for 15 years now. Over the years it came down to just receive the monthly magazine (which, by the way, is worth the membership fee alone), but you guys remembered me that there is more to this great community. Such a shame that there aren’t too many Chapters over here in Germany … are there any? Got to find out …

Brady, Caleb, thanks for sharing your incredible journey with us!

2 thoughts on “Dream. Build. Fly.

  1. Moin!

    Bist Du der OUV schon einmal über den Weg gelaufen? Sicherlich nicht sooo groß wie die EAA aber immerhin rund 1000 Leute die dem Selbstbau in Deutschland frönen.

    73 de 8YF

    • Moin, hab schon mal im Internet recherchiert und war sehr positiv angetan. Nicht nur für Selbstbauer, sondern auch für normale private LFZ Eigentümer (Stichwort ‘Wartung’). Hab ich mir auf jeden Fall schon auf die Merkliste gesetzt.

      Ach ja … und vielen Dank für den Post!
      73 de Jens, DJ2UM

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