Finally, my New Web Page

I finally made it! My new web page is here!

After Apple announced the termination of the MobileMe service I had to do something about my web page. A test of WordPress with a free account on convinced me that WordPress might be a nice improvement over my existing iWeb page. So I got me this nice URL ( and .com), updated an existing hosted environment to meet the technical requirements, uploaded WordPress … and voila: after 5 minutes and a very simple automatic setup routine my new web page was up and running. Even transferring my existing content from was a snap, thanks to some useful import and export tools provided with the installation set.

That means, that from now on, both of my old sites ( and will be retired from now on. Any links you might keep to these sites should be updated to as of today.

My professional web page will also be updated to WordPress, so don’t miss to check out my other page at in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Finally, my New Web Page

  1. Yes, Apple’s discontinuance of iWeb for MobileMe was a real disappointment to lots of folks, myself included.

    You make it sound so easy to go with WordPress – think I may give it a try, soon. My stuff needs updating, anyway, so perhaps I will simply start over with updated material instead of transferring existing content.

    73, Clint, W6BKY

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