My Favorite Flight Bag

Most of you probably know the problem: What is the best way to organize your cockpit? And, closely connected, how do I transport everything from home to my car to ops to the airplane and back? That I am not alone with this question becomes clear when you look at the average selection of flight bags at your preferred aviation supply dealer. Bags, cases, tools in all shapes and sizes, with tons of specialized pockets and bells and whistles. And I have to admit, I also tried various forms, tools and gadgets to find the optimum.

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Your Next Kneeboard!

Usually I avoid product recommendations, but this one here is definitely one worth mentioning: Have a look at the FlyBoys FB1316 kneeboard from It’s light, it’s low profile, it’s cool (desinged by F-16 pilots, yesss sir), and it has various unique features that proved to be extremely useful while operating in small GA cockpits. Continue reading